Saturday, September 8, 2012 @

Remember to be in the band room at 2:45 on Monday. For the Genting thing. Attendance will be taken. o: Oh and no more morning rounds. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 @
This Friday
- dismissed at 130pm to prepare for honours day rehearsal.
- Brasses be in the hall with instruments and court shoes by 2
- Woodwinds be in the hall with instruments and court shoes by 215
- Bring homework or do revision during waiting time. 
- Submit band camp form to me!

This Saturday
- Full band uniform without stockings
- Percs and double basses are expected to be doing self prac
- Percs and Trombones will be having auditions after honours day.

*things to take note about auditions (in the band room):
-be there ten minutes before your slot with your instruments set up
-bring your own files
-if you cannot make it, either inform your SL beforehand or contact Ching Hui at 97858452

Band Camp

Thurs-Fri of March hols. (15-17March)
Thurs- Full day rehearsal
Fri-sat - Stay over camp


Monday, December 26, 2011 @ Band Seniors of '10/'11 Farewell
Hi there Band!
Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing day as well.
This is just an announcement for all seniors and current band members.
On the practice of 28th December, which is from 1pm to 5pm, we will also be having a farewell for the seniors of '10/11.
The farewell will officially start at 5pm, so seniors please do come!! (:

See you then!
-Jo-Ann (;

Sunday, August 28, 2011 @ Band practice Schedule for Term 4
Hi band,
This is the band practice schedule for Term 4.
Please ensure that no family holidays overseas will clash with the practices if your family has not booked your family holiday yet.
If you are planning to go overseas already and it clashes with the band practices, please let the leaders or teachers know ASAP.
Thank you.

-Jo-Ann :))

Saturday, August 27, 2011 @
Just a reminder,
please bring 45 bucks this coming WEDNESDAY for your tuners and metronomes. whoever fails to pay on wednesday would not get their metronomes and tuners on that day and would also have to pay an EXTRA TWO DOLLARS that would go to the band fund due to late payment. please pay to lina choe, your treasurer.

Enjoy the short holiday (-:



Hey Band!
Please try to go for the Maris Alumni Concert! They are playing the K-pop and J-pop songs that we are playing as well, so it'd be good to hear how it's to be played.
Mr Chiang will be conducting at the concert, and our woodwind tutor will be playing in it as well.
Please do try and make it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011 @
Hi Band, sorry for the confusion.
Please take note that there is no band, on the 27th, due to presidential election. The school compoud is used for the election so NO STUDENTS can enter the school compound. 


CHIJ Concert Band
Mr Adrian Chiang(11-present)
Mr Clarence Tan (08-11)
Mr Leonard Tan (05-08)
Mr Andy Sim (Unknown-05)
Jr band conductor: Mr Fredy Chia/Mr Daniel Yiau
Teachers-in-charge: Mr Alvin Tang, Mr Chan Yew Choong, Mrs Stella Kwan, Ms Grace Champion & Ms Ong Shue Li

Band Committee 12/13
Band Majorette: Chang Ting Yu
Drum Majorette: Isabel Liew
Student Conductor: Franchesca Morais
Secretary: Crystalbel Khoo
Treasurer: Mary de Borja
Student Welfare Officer:
Magdalene Chew
Recruit I/C: Hoo Feng Wen
Assistant Recruit I/C: Ooi Qi Qi
Quarter Mistresses:
Valerie Lee, Su-Anne Ng
Valerie Lim, Xuan Wong

Section Leaders 12/13
Cornet: Clara Tan, Anne Tan
French Horn: Tan Yi Ling
Euphonium: Ho Wei Ke
Trombone: Cindy Tan
Tuba: Hoo Feng Wen
Flute: Xuan Wong, Valeria
Clarinet: Lauren Chang, Veron Kwok
Bass Clarinet: Jacqueline Lui
Saxophone: Natalie Toh, Isabelle Tan
Double Reeds: Tricia Merican
Double Bass: Victoria Law
Percussion: Charlene Leong, Isabelle Lizardo

Events & Achievements
Upcoming events:
Hong Kong Winter Band Festival: 26 November-2nd December 2012.
Past events:
First Recital & Section Competition: 26th May 2012 Fantasia IX: 30-31 March 2012
Faith, Hope & Love 2011: 27th November 2011
SYF Showcase: 3rd June
Exchange with Tampines Secondary School: 17th March
Faith Hope & Love IV: 27th November
First Recital & Section Competition: 21st August
Youth Olympic Games (Torch Relay): 7th August
Fantasia VIII
Faith, Hope & Love III
28th November (Saturday)
Secondary 1 Recital & Section Competition: 12th September
Alumni Performance: 14th November
SYF 2009
Exchange at Crescent girls: 19th March
Faith, Hope & Love II
29th November (Saturday)

(2011) Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging of Concert Bands: Silver
(2010) Australian International Music Festival: Silver
(2009) Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging of Concert Bands: Gold
(2008) Beijing International Band Festival: Gold
(2007) Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging of Concert Bands: Gold
(2005) 21st Century International Band Competition held at Genting Highlands: Gold w Distinction


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